26 Jun - 30 Aug
National Flu Pandemic Help

The National Pandemic Flu Service has been launched in England offering the public the chance to check their symptoms online or over the telephone (0800 1 513513) and get access to anti-viral medicines.
03 May - 30 Aug
NHS 24 - Swine Flu advice in Scotland

Advice regarding the Swine Flu symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and advice for Scottish patients and practices.
02 May - 30 Aug
N.I Direct - Swine Flu Info

For patients in Northern Ireland, visit the NI Direct website or contact the Swine Flu Helpline: 0800 0514 142 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).
01 May - 30 Aug
NHS Direct Wales - Swine Flu Advice

Advice regarding the Swine Flu symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and advice for Welsh patients and practices.

Clinics and Services

examMedical Examinations

For special purposes, e.g. Driving, Insurance, Sports etc, are undertaken outside normal surgeries.  Please contact the Non GMS Clerk to arrange a suitable time.  A fee may be requested for examinations as they are not part of the NHS work. Contact the Non GMS Clerk for assistance in the matter.

District Nurse/Health Visitor

If you wish to speak to a District Nurse or a Health Visitor please telephone:
District Nurse - 015394  88283
Health Visitor - 015394 34744

If nobody is available to take your call, you may leave them a message on their answer-phone and they will contact you as soon as they are available.

Practice Nurse

The doctors employ qualified nurses to work in the treatment room each weekday.  Please book your appointment to see them either by calling in at reception or please telephone:
015394 32693
Our nurses also see patients who require emergency treatment/first aid and do not have an appointment.  If the nurse is held up by such patients, please be understanding, if you cannot wait the receptionists are available to make
you another appointment.

pregnant.jpgMaternity Care

We offer an ante-natal service in co-operation with the Maternity Departments of Helme Chase (Kendal), Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Furness General Hospital.

All maternity patients are encouraged to attend these clinics and also invited to attend Parent-craft and Relaxation Sessions arranged by the midwife.

501775_illness.jpgChild Health

The Health Visitor undertakes regular screening of babies and children for growth and development.  The Child Immunisation Clinic is held twice monthly, on a Tuesday morning.  The practice sends out letters with appointments for children to attend this
clinic.  If you wish to contact the Health Visitor to discuss aspects of your child’s health and development, please telephone:
015394 34744

Family Planning

We hold a Family Planning Clinic every Friday afternoon at the Health Centre, when a specialist nurse is in attendance. Please telephone or call in and make an appointment to attend this clinic.

Preventive care

The practice undertakes regular clinics for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension and Asthma. The doctors and nurses will initially invite you to a clinic and you will be able to make your follow up appointments after each visit. 

The practice operates its own cervical smear recall programme.  We advocate repeating smears every 3 or 5 years, depending on your age, or sooner if advised. 
Our Practice Nurses are also trained to perform routine breast checks when requested, and can assist you with Tetanus and other immunisation requirements. 

For all your travel vaccinations and advice please make your appointment in the specialist Travel Clinic.  This clinic operates each week on a Thursday morning.